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Packing for 3 months away

Packing a handful of tops and leggings seems easy right?

Errr not so much when your trying to pack for hot and cold climates and fit your life into a 70 litre bag.

To be honest I also felt that were some ‘non-essentials’ that I wasn’t willing to go without for 3 months.  I know to some this may seem absolutely ridiculous but it’s nice to have a few little luxuries when you’re away – hair straighteners are essential right?

Sue's kit laid out

There’s so much advice on the internet but as first-time long-term travellers, we read them with horror as we tried to imagine surviving with the minimal lists that some people advocate.  We’re away now and after a bit of a frantic session to get everything to fit, we’re stuck with what we’ve packed.  I wonder if we’ll still be thinking we got it right in three months time or will we be ruefully looking at those minimalist lists!

Anyway, here’s what I went for:

The first thing I purchased was my 70 litre Fairview Osprey bag. I wanted a compact bag that wasn’t too big as I just wouldn’t be able to lug it around. Secondly, it has a day bag which hooks into the main bag and thirdly the bag opens out like a suitcase so it’s easy to find things rather than having to pull everything out each time. To help with the packing, we also bought packing cubes in different colours making it easier to find particular items of clothes without pulling everything out.

Here is a list of all the items I packed, hopefully I haven’t got it completely wrong! Will keep you posted on that one.

  1. Underwear x10
  2. Ankle socks x6
  3. Hiking socks x4
  4. Sports bra x2
  5. Bra x2
  6. T-shirt’s x8
  7. Vest tops x3
  8. Thermal top x1
  9. Leggings x3
  10. Skirt x1
  11. Shorts x1
  12. Sport jumper x3
  13. Jeans x1
  14. Smarter trousers x1
  15. North face rain coat
  16. Rab jacket
  17. Flip flops x1
  18. Mizuno hiking runners x1
  19. Mizuno runners x1
  20. Birkenstock sandals x1
  21. Swimwear x3
  22. Gloves x1
  23. Wooly hat x1
  24. Scarf x2
  25. PJs x1
  26. Hydration reservoir
  27. Travel towel x3
  28. Spork x1 (Thanks Auntie Mainie)
  29. Sunglasses x2
  30. Reading glasses x1
  31. Kindle
  32. Sleeping bag liner
  33. Dry bag
  34. Money belt
  35. USB
  36. Head torch x1
  37. Blow up pillow x1
  38. Sterile water bottle
  39. Garmin fitness tracker/watch
  40. Straighteners
  41. Wash bag
  42. Hair brush/ tooth brush
  43. Makeup (Foundation/concealer/bronzer/blusher/mascara/lip balm/ lipstick
  44. Shampoo/ conditioner/ heat protector
  45. Deodorant
  46. Toothpaste
  47. Perfume (got a little travel bottle from my Ma)
  48. Cleanser/ face wipes/ baby wipes
  49. Moisturiser
  50. Suncream
  51. Insect repellant
  52. First aid kit
  53. Medicine- inhalers (bring prescription) paracetamol/ Imodium/ anti histamines – always be prepared!
  54. Yellow fever certificate
  55. Passport photos (required for visas)
  56. Passport

    All packed and ready to go!

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