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Our Current Itinerary

We set off from London on the 16th November and have planned an itinerary to take us around the world. During our trip we’ll be taking on boats ?, trains ?, planes ✈️ and automobiles ? as we visit three continents.  Some bits are really mapped out and others (like South East Asia) are flexible so please let us know if you have any tips!  Email us at

South America

✈️London ?? ➡️Buenos Aires ??

✈️Buenos Aires ??➡️Puerto Iguazu ??

?Puerto Iguazu ??➡️Foz de Iguaçu ??

✈️Foz de Iguaçu ??➡️Sao Paulo ??

?Sao Paulo ??➡️Paraty ??

?Paraty ??➡️Angra dos Reis ??

Angra dos Reis ??➡️Ihla Grande ??

Ihla Grande ??➡️Angra dos Reis ??

?Angra dos Reis ??➡️Rio de Janeiro ??

✈️Rio de Janeiro ??➡️Bogota ??

✈️Bogota ??➡️Quito ??

✈️Quito ??➡️Guayaquil ??

✈️Guayaquil ??➡️Baltra Island ??

?&&?Baltra Island ??➡️Santa Cruz ??

?Santa Cruz ??➡️Floreana ??

?Floreana ??➡️Isabela ??

?Isabela ??➡️Santa Cruz ??

?&&?Santa Cruz ??➡️Baltra Island ??

✈️Baltra Island ??➡️Guayaquil ??

✈️Guayaquil ??➡️Quito ??

✈️Quito ??➡️Lima ??

✈️Lima ??➡️Cusco ??

?Cusco ??➡️Ollantaytambo ??

?Ollantaytambo ??➡️Machu Picchu ??

?Machu Picchu  ??➡️Aguas Calientes ??

?Aguas Calientes ??➡️Ollantaytambo ??

?Ollantaytambo ??➡️Cusco ??

✈️Cusco ??➡️Santiago ??

✈️Santiago ??➡️Auckland ??

New Zealand & Cook Islands

✈️Auckland ??➡️Rarotonga ??

✈️Rarotonga ??➡️Auckland ??

?Auckland??➡️Bay of Islands ??

?Bay of Islands ??➡️Coromandel ??

?Coromandel??➡️Auckland ??

✈️Auckland ??➡️Hong Kong ??

South East Asia

✈️Hong Kong ??➡️Hanoi ??

?Hanoi ??➡️Halong ??

Halong ???Halong Bay ??

?Halong ??➡️Hanoi ??

? Hanoi ??➡️Hue??

? Hue ??➡️Da Nang??

? Da Nang ??➡️Hoi An ??

? Hoi An ??➡️Da Nang ??

✈️Da Nang ??➡️Ho Chi Minh City ??

✈️Ho Chi Minh City ??➡️Phnom Penh ??

? Phnom Penh ??➡️Siem Reap ??

✈️Siem Reap ??➡️Luang Prabang??

✈️Luang Prabang ??➡️Bangkok ??

✈️Bangkok ??➡️Phuket ???Our Current Location

✈️Phuket ??➡️Bangkok ??

✈️Bangkok ??➡️London ??

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